We are dedicated to serving individuals and families with ongoing chiropractic care.

Welcome to Rody Chiropractic, where our focus lies in the innovative Atlas Chiropractic Method—an advanced approach centered on aligning the atlas vertebra, also known as the top bone of the spine.

At Rody Chiropractic, we recognize the critical role that the atlas vertebra plays in overall spinal health and neurological function. Our team of skilled chiropractors are extensively trained in the Atlas Chiropractic Method, utilizing precise adjustments and advanced techniques to address misalignments of the atlas and restore balance to the spine.

What Sets Us Apart?

Driven by our dedication to excellence and fueled by a genuine desire to assist our patients in achieving optimal health, we are devoted to delivering personalized care that surpasses expectations. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, recuperating from an injury, or aiming to elevate your overall well-being, our mission is to accompany you on your journey to improved health. Alongside our proficiency in the Atlas Chiropractic Method, we offer a spectrum of complementary services aimed at further bolstering your health and wellness objectives. From therapeutic massage to nutritional counseling, we provide holistic solutions tailored precisely to your individual needs and preferences.

At Rody Chiropractic, we firmly believe in empowering our patients to play an active role in their health and well-being. We are dedicated to fostering trusting relationships, attentively listening to your concerns, and delivering compassionate care every step of the way.