Meet Jason

Jason graduated with honors in 2005 from Ashmead School of Massage. He became a massage therapist because he has always been fascinated with the mechanical nature of the body and how he can address all types of bio mechanical disfunction using this understanding. He creates a comfortable and relaxing environment for his patients by first and foremost greeting them with a smile and wishing them a happy day. He then does a pre massage interview where he discusses with his patient the problems that they are seeking to resolve, including muscles that he will be working on and some specific techniques that he will be using. He always tells his patients to communicate with him during the treatment about the pressure and depth.
Jason really loves being a massage therapist because this profession gives him the ability to help people alleviate their physical pains, stressors and traumas. He specializes in Cupping, Myofacial Release, Sports, Psoas, Prenatal, and Deep Tissue massage therapies.